Prana yoga is an enjoyable and healthful practice that helps you move, breathe, and live with greater joy and ease, and experience life with a peaceful sense of well-being. 

This is an approach to hatha (physical) yoga that draws upon classical yogic teachings and philosophy to achieve benefits for modern living. Body and breath move as one to unite and purify mind, body, and spirit. As you ease toward the quiet within, all "doing" comes to rest and just "being" becomes effortless. 

Prana is simply life force energy. All living things and the Universe itself consist of this energy. Breath is our own amazing and yet tangible experience of prana, so naturally, awareness of our breath - which prana yoga emphasizes - enables us to experience our personal connection to the Universe. As we follow breath beyond our physical limits and active minds, we uncover our true nature of peace and bliss, and our most authentic Self comes to life. Prana Yoga is a self-honoring way to achieve yoga's ultimate goal: to become centered and balanced in the union of all that we are, and experience the freedom and bliss of simply being. 

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Prana Flow
Mondays  6:30-8:00pm       

Prana Yoga Basics      
Thursdays  6:00-7:15pm                                

Classes are limited to 10 students, allowing for lots of  PERSONAL ATTENTION & RAPID PROGRESS! 

Yoga Basics: $12  per class, 4/month: $40 
Prana Flow: $14 per class, any 4/month: $45
$75 monthly unlimited

Private and semi-private sessions are available in the studio or at your home, office, or social gathering.
$65/hr (min); $75/75 min; $85/1.5 hrs
+$1/mile travel time   


·Relieves pain and tension from muscles and fascia
·Increases range of motion, strength and circulation     ·Balances the body by aligning the structure                 ·Based upon Osteopathic Techniques:                          Strain/counterstrain: muscles in spasm are shortened and neutralized in position until they reset to normal;   Muscle Energy Technique: gentle, assisted stretching with isometric contractions are used to lengthen tight, constricted muscles and restore optimal function to adjacent, restricted joints.                                         ·Quick, painless, and performed fully clothed.              ·Produces lasting, seemingly miraculous results, often in just 1 session!

FREE Workshop: 
Meditation and Mindfulness

Sunday, June 24, 5pm - 7pm
We will practice various techniques to help awaken you to the present and therefore the wonder of Being!

Day-long Mindfulness Retreat
We will spend the day in silence, using several (and repeating) practices to help us tune in deeper and deeper to our innermost selves, gaining clarity and insight to the true nature of our Being. This is a rare opportunity to quiet the mind and slow down your internal clock. 

Suggested Donation: $50 - $80 includes breakfast and dinner. You will need to bring a vegetarian lunch.

PLEASE PRE-REGISTER (You can mail a check or paypal Susan at

 *The first 8 to register begin at 8am with morning yoga; the rest begin at 9:30am.

Pair up with someone to help each other sink even deeper into postures, creating greater opening, strength, release, and bliss.           

Offer it at your next party, or practice it as an intimate exchange with a lover. Or come to our next YOGA CONNECTION mixer.



release stress + tension

increase strength + flexibility

quiet your mind

sharpen your focus

achieve inner balance

boost energy + health

nurture your Self

experience peace

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The most powerful tool for personal growth is right here... 
inside of you!

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) combines ancient healing principles of yoga with modern body-mind psychology to open your heart and mind to the true experience of being you. Using your body as a vehicle for awareness, you can access and release deeply held tensions, trauma, limiting belief systems, and other obstacles to joy, health, love, and happiness. 

Whether you are seeking personal growth or dealing with chronic pain, this unique therapy helps you get in touch with what's really going on with you, on a deep level, beyond your conscious thoughts. Often, just by uncovering the real source of your pain, or your hindrances, the next step forward unfolds effortlessly.  

Here's what one client says: Words cannot describe how deeply Phoenix Rising has beautified and deepened my daily life. It has taken me beyond the idea of "pain" as an uncomfortable sensation and educated me on how to listen to the sometimes subtle sometimes screaming sometimes singing voices of my body. It's put me in a better spot to listen and respond to my deepest core needs, and continue the inner dialogue on a moment-to-moment basis. I'm forever grateful and honored to have met Susan; my life is forever changed for the better.  

How it works: With mindful breathing and focusing your awareness on the sensations of your body, which are emphasized through deep, assisted stretching, you are guided into a heightened state of relaxed awareness, akin to meditation (but you don't have to know how) or hypnotherapy. Here, your subconscious mind is accessible. As resistance arises or openings unfold, this place of inner wisdom begins to (literally) speak your truth. As you listen to your body, with compassionate and attentive support from the therapist, hidden needs, beliefs, traumas and memories may be revealed, freeing up that space in your body that no longer needs to hold these stories and clearing your mind to make more conscious choices in your life. Enlivened and empowered, you learn -- from YOU -- what you need to be happier, healthier and more successful. 

The answers are there; you need only listen. 
Transformation is possible; you need only the courage to change.

Sessions are about 90 minutes and are $110. Sliding scale available.
+ $1/mile for house calls


Susan gently and intuitively guided me in a way that helped me to acknowledge and honor the connection between my body, emotions, and spirit.  In the session I was able to tap into some areas that needed release and healing, which has helped me to move forward.  PRYT is a powerful approach that I would recommend for anyone interested in exploring their own body-mind wisdom.

Working with Susan was safe and easy. She has the ability to facilitate the healing and hold the healing space without interfering in my experience.  I left feeling lighter and more 'in body' that ever. I can't wait for my next session!

I appreciate this very much as a framework for my sense of clarity and security in the world.

Thank you for helping me become more aware of the infinite horizons of being.

Just the short time we worked together made such a difference...


Susan Marcus, RYT, is  certified as a hatha yoga instructor and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist. She returned to yoga in 1997 during a time of complete physical and emotional breakdown. She practiced, and she healed. So she hung up her business suits in favor of her sticky mat and dedicated herself to helping others improve their lives on all levels. Her personal attention and gentle adjustments help students find the ease and artistry of each pose, allowing breath to guide them into a deeper, more authentic practice, and a clearer awareness of themselves. Her classes are ideal for new and continuing students who want to improve more than just their bodies. 

PARTNER YOGA for COUPLES - Enhance intimacy, learn about yourselves and your relationship through your bodies, shared breath and movement, support, balance, and play.  


YOGA CONNECTION is a feel-good mixer, with a twist. Realistically, you're not going to get to know someone in 5 minutes of talking. You're going to get a first impression, based mostly on looks or that intangible "vibe."  Doing partner yoga with someone you're just meeting, you get all that and more. You know immediately how well you work and play together, how you communicate: verbally and physically, how comfortable you are with each other, what their touch is like, how willing they are to yield or lend support to you, and what kind of deeper, inner connection you both feel. And the great part is that if you meet no one, you still got a really good stretch and had fun doing it, so the evening's never a total loss! Classes are offered for men and women, women only, and men only. 

*If you would like to attend any of these, please send an email expressing your interest to  Depending upon the number of responses, the location and dates will be set.


Pay just $60 for your first MONTHLY UNLIMITED PASS (new students only) 


POSITIONAL THERAPY: bodywork to increase range of motion; eliminate or reduce tender points, headaches, repetitive stress injuries, muscle spasms and more; and improve flexibility    NOW JUST $45. (Normally $65)

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